What accessories to match with a cocktail dress?

What accessories to match with a cocktail dress?

Have you found the ideal cocktail dress for your next evening, but you don't know which accessories to choose to complete your outfit? Don't panic, we are here to give you some advice and introduce you to GlimmaStyle accessories , the brand that makes you shine brightly!

Jewelry: the essential touch of glamor

Jewelry is the perfect accessory to enhance a cocktail dress. It adds sparkle, sophistication and character to your look. But be careful not to overdo it! You need to choose jewelry that matches the shape, color and style of your dress.

Here are some rules to follow to choose your jewelry well:

  • If your dress is low-cut, opt for a necklace that highlights your neckline. You can choose a choker, a sautoir or a pendant, depending on the length of your neck and the depth of your neckline. Avoid necklaces that are too bulky or too busy, which weigh down the silhouette.
  • If your dress has a high neck or round neck, choose earrings that draw the eye to your face. You can choose drop earrings, hoop earrings, or stud earrings, depending on your face shape and hair length. Avoid earrings that are too discreet or too imposing that unbalance the proportion of your head.
  • If your dress has straps or short sleeves, opt for a bracelet that adorns your wrist. You can choose a thin bracelet, a wide bracelet or a cuff bracelet, depending on the width of your wrist and the style of your dress. Avoid bracelets that are too numerous or too noisy, which hinder movement.
  • If your dress is long or has long sleeves, opt for a ring that lights up your hand. You can choose a simple ring, an embellished ring or a cocktail ring, depending on the size of your finger and the pattern of your dress. Avoid rings that are too small or too large and are not suited to your body shape.

At GlimmaStyle, we offer you a wide range of elegant and trendy jewelry, which goes perfectly with all cocktail dresses. Whether you are more classic, modern or daring, you will find the jewelry that suits you. Discover our GlimmaStyle women's jewelry collection now and treat yourself!

Shoes: the detail that makes the difference

Shoes are the accessories that complete your outfit and assert your personality. They should be comfortable, elegant and match your cocktail dress. But how to choose them?

Here are some tips for choosing your shoes:

  • If your dress is short, opt for pumps that elongate your legs. You can choose high heels, mid heels or low heels, depending on your height and comfort. Avoid pumps that are too pointy or too round, which are not flattering for your feet.
  • If your dress is long, opt for sandals that show off your toes. You can choose sandals with straps, laces or buckles, depending on your taste and comfort. Avoid sandals that are too flat or too wedged, which are not elegant for an evening.
  • If your dress is colorful, opt for sober shoes that don't compete with your dress. You can choose black, white or nude shoes, depending on the color of your dress and skin. Avoid shoes that are too flashy or too colorful that hurt the eyes.
  • If your dress is plain, dare to wear original shoes that add pep to your outfit. You can choose patterned, sequined or rhinestone shoes, depending on the occasion and your mood. Avoid shoes that are too extravagant or too quirky that are not suitable for a party.

At GlimmaStyle, we offer you a varied choice of chic and comfortable shoes, which go well with any cocktail dress. Whether you are more glamorous, romantic or sparkling, you will find the shoe that suits you. Quickly discover our selection of GlimmaStyle shoes and treat yourself!

Bags: the little extra that makes all the difference

Bags are the accessories that accompany you throughout the evening and which contain your essentials. They must be practical, refined and match your cocktail dress. But how to choose them?

Here are some tips for choosing your bags:

  • If your dress is voluminous, opt for a handbag that can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. You can choose a rectangular, oval or square shaped handbag, depending on the shape of your dress and your figure. Avoid handbags that are too round or too soft, which are not suitable for an evening.
  • If your dress is tight, choose a clutch that fits under your arm or in your hand. You can choose a solid color, metallic or printed clutch, depending on the color of your dress and accessories. Avoid clutches that are too big or too small and are not in proportion to your outfit.
  • If your dress is sober, opt for a bag that brings fantasy to your look. You can choose a fringed, beaded or feathered bag, depending on the style of your dress and the evening. Avoid bags that are too simple or too classic which are boring.
  • If your dress is embellished, dare to wear a bag that contrasts with your dress. You can choose a bag in a bright, pastel or neutral color, depending on the color of your dress and your skin tone. Avoid bags in the same color or pattern as your dress that are too matching.

At GlimmaStyle, we invite you to discover our collection of elegant and original bags, which match all cocktail dresses. Whether you are rather sober, chic or fun, you will find the bag that you like. Discover our range of GlimmaStyle bags quickly and treat yourself!


You will have understood, accessories are essential to achieve your evening look. They must be chosen carefully, depending on your cocktail dress, your body shape and your personality. At GlimmaStyle, we offer you quality, trendy and affordable accessories that will make you feel beautiful and confident. Don't wait any longer, go to our website GlimmaStyle.com and order your favorite accessories!