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Rainbow Chakra Energy Necklace - GlimmaStyle

Rainbow Chakra Energy Necklace

Unleash Your Inner Energy with the Rainbow Chakra Energy Necklace Step into a world of vibrancy, energy, and positivity with our Rainbow Chakra Energy Necklace. As a unique piece from...
Dog Footprints Heart Necklace - GlimmaStyle

Dog Footprints Heart Necklace

Embrace the Love for Your Furry Friend with our Dog Footprints Heart Necklace Discover the perfect accessory to express your affection for your canine companion – our Dog Footprints Heart...
Forever Love Necklace - GlimmaStyle
Standard BoxLuxury Box

Love Necklace

€28,13 – €52,17
Uncover Eternal Romance with the Love Necklace Fall in love with our captivating Love Necklace. This exquisite piece of jewelry is designed to reflect the infinite bond of love that lasts...
Heart Zircon Necklace - GlimmaStyle

Heart Zircon Necklace

Embrace Elegance with our Heart Zircon Necklace Drape elegance around your neck with our enchanting Heart Zircon Necklace. Crafted from high-quality materials, this necklace is a perfect blend of style...
Family Silver Necklaces - GlimmaStyle

Family Silver Necklaces

Embrace the Beauty of Family with Our Silver Necklaces Crafted with love and attention to detail, our Family Silver Necklaces are more than just a piece of jewelry. They are...
Couple Hugging Pendant Necklace - GlimmaStyle

Couple Pendant Necklace

Embrace Love with the Couple Pendant Necklace Step into a world of romance and elegance with our Couple Pendant Necklace. This exquisite piece of jewelry is more than just an...
Forever Love Necklace - GlimmaStyle
18k Yellow Gold14k White Gold Finish

Forever Love Necklace

€28,13 – €52,17
Express Your Love with the Forever Love Necklace Wrap your love around her neck with our Forever Love Necklace. This stunning piece of jewelry is much more than an elegant...
Necklace With Rose Flower Gift Box - GlimmaStyle

Necklace With Rose Flower Gift Box

Elevate Your Style with the Necklace With Rose Flower Gift Box Immerse yourself in the world of fashion with our Necklace With Rose Flower Gift Box. This exquisite piece of...
Magnetic Heart Necklaces - GlimmaStyle

Magnetic Heart Necklaces

Embrace the Allure of Magnetic Heart Necklaces Step into the world of elegant and timeless fashion with our Magnetic Heart Necklaces. Our necklaces are not just pieces of jewelry, they...
5A Heart CZ Tennis Necklace

5A Heart CZ Tennis Necklace

The Exquisite 5A Heart CZ Tennis Necklace Unveiling the 5A Heart CZ Tennis Necklace, a perfect blend of charm and elegance, designed to amplify your beauty. This exquisite piece from...
Clover Heart Shape Necklace - GlimmaStyle

Clover Heart Shape Necklace

€23,25 – €29,58
Embrace Elegance with the Clover Heart Shape Necklace Immerse yourself in the world of refined sophistication with our Clover Heart Shape Necklace. This piece of jewelry is more than just...
Real Rose Necklace - GlimmaStyle

Real Rose Necklace

€76,13 – €78,45
Evoke Timeless Elegance with Our Real Rose Necklace Welcome to a world where nature's beauty meets the allure of high fashion. Our Real Rose Necklace is a stunning piece of...


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